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What is calendar parking?

Beginning November 15 and ending March 31 of the following year, vehicles must be parked on the corresponding side of the street according to the day of the month, between 12:00 AM (midnight) and 7:00 AM. Even side on even days, and odd side on odd days. For example, if your address is 701 7th Street, this is the odd side. Park your car at night on the side of the street according to the date it will be in the morning, and according to your address. The downtown, and places where there is no parking on one side of the street are exempt. However, be mindful that the downtown area and certain streets are posted as a snow route, and must be completely vacated until such time as the snow has been removed, after a snow accumulation of two inches or more.

What should I do with stray animals?

The best policy is always to leave stray animals alone.  If you are within the city of Monroe, and there is some specific need to deal with a stray animal, contact the Monroe Police Department, as there is no Animal Control in Monroe. Do not move the animal from where you have observed it, as it must be verified that the animal was found in the City limits, and if you take possession of the animal, it belongs to you.  The Police will determine what to do with the animal.  The Green County Humane Society operates a shelter near Monroe, and may accept stray and abandoned animals based on the capacity of the shelter. Contact them first. GCHS currently does not accept surrendered, trapped, or feral animals.

When do I need a special event permit, and how do I get one?

You need a special event permit whenever an event you are planning will cause an impact on the safety or resources of the public, particularly when your event will be on public property. This may be a parade, a sponsored run or walk, a neighborhood or community festival, a large gathering, or an event where alcohol will be sold. This is because your event could impact vehicle or pedestrian traffic and safety, or result in the need for police, fire or other emergency services that could exhaust resources. This does not mean that police would interfere with legitimate free speech or assembly, whether persons may be annoyed by this or not. To obtain a special event permit, an application needs to be made to the City Clerk’s office, no later than thirty days before the event. The Public Safety Committee reviews the application with input from police and other emergency services. If approved, the City Council then authorizes the event through a resolution. Since the Council only meets in the first and third weeks of each month, it is necessary to get an application in at least thirty days in advance, or chance denial.

What can I use the public sidewalk for?

The public sidewalk is to be used for public purpose. Pedestrian travel is a priority. However, the public sidewalk has also historically been used as a public forum, for free speech and assembly. As long as the sidewalk is not unreasonably blocked for any reason, this will not be interfered with. Many times the public sidewalk, particularly in the downtown area, becomes the scene of street preaching, pamphlet distribution, and picket sign display. In addition, many downtown merchants place flowerpots and benches on the sidewalk to create atmosphere. The sidewalk cannot be used, however, by any merchant, as a place for product sales to take place, unless a vendor permit has been obtained from the City Clerk’s office. The only variance from this is when a special event permit has been issued for that area. That permit gives the applicant authority to sell goods on the sidewalk or street, and allows the applicant to sub-permit this authority to others under that blanket authority.

Does Monroe have a curfew?

There is a curfew in Monroe of 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM for persons under sixteen, and of 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM for persons sixteen and seventeen. The curfew does not apply if the individual is with a parent or guardian, running an errand at the request of parent or guardian, if there are emergency circumstances, the individual is engaged in employment or a legitimate function such as church or school functions. If an individual has not created a reasonable suspicion about their activity, and is traveling from one point to another for some purpose, they would not be interfered with.

How can I pay a fine?

Parking Tickets may be sent via regular mail using the envelope type citation that was attached to your vehicle. You must affix postage before depositing it in the mail. Tickets may also be placed in the City payment drop box located in the post office area, or paid in person at the department lobby.

Traffic Tickets or Municipal Code Citations may be paid by cash, money order, or personal check to the Clerk of Court, at our Department before the indicated court appearance date. Otherwise, you must pay the fine directly to the Green County Clerk of Circuit Court. Payments may be made at:

Clerk of Courts Office
Green County Justice Center
2841 6th Street Monroe, WI 53566
Or call them at (608) 328-9433

Online payments can be accepted for fines payable to the Clerk of Courts via a third party service provider. A major credit card is necessary and a convenience fee will be charged for the service.

To access the online payment site, click here

To determine the status of your case and fines that are due, you may check online at the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (CCAP) website for details.