Monroe Police Department

To Serve And Protect

Technical Services


The Department has a 24-hour communications center which provides emergency and non-emergency call taking services. The communications center is staffed by six civilian dispatchers and handles approximately 10,000 calls for service each year.  The center has redundant radio and paging capabilities allowing it to act as backup to other agencies in the event of a disaster.   The communications center is a vital link between officers in the field and the public.


Department records are processed by one full time records clerk.   The department houses approximately 65,000 paper files representing seven years of documentation.  Files older than seven years are maintained digitally.  In addition to ensuring proper filing, data entry and processing the records clerk is responsible for Federal Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR).   


The departments communications, computer infrastructure and databases are all administered by the Technical Services Division.  The department utilizes Spillman public safety software as our record keeping system of daily incidents and activity.  The Spillman system is also used for dispatch, reporting, archiving and various other department records.  The Spillman server is owned and administered by the department and is provided as a central computing system to five other law enforcement agencies in Green County.  


Cisco network systems serve as the backbone of the encrypted network infrastructure and phone system.    


Radio communications are also administered by Technical Services.  Radio capabilities include P25 Digital communications with the ability for DES encryption as well as other analog repeated and simplex frequencies.