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Uniform Shoulder Patch Requests

Due to security concerns, this department can no longer honor requests by collectors for uniform shoulder patches.

Postal Address: 1811 12th Street Monroe, WI  53566
Our department is located two blocks southeast of the city's historic square, adjacent to the City Hall building. The lobby is open and available for walk-in service 24 hours daily.


General Telephone: 608-329-2400 (Non-Emergency)
An auto-attendant directs calls to specific extensions.

Please listen to the options available if you are unsure of whom you need to contact. You may bypass this function by selecting "0" during the menu option and speak directly with the dispatch center. 


Text Service:  608-329-2400  (Non-Emergency)

You can communicate with the Monroe Police Department through text messaging.  Please be prepared to answer any follow up questions that we may have.  Text messaging is for non emergency information and is a complement to our voice services.  If you have an emergency call 911.     


Emergency ServicesDial 911 (Police/Fire/Ambulance)

Should you mistakenly reach this number, please stay on the line and speak with the dispatcher to confirm there is no emergency.


Property Maintenance or Parking Enforcement: 608-329-2413
A recorded line is available for citizen complaints regarding neighborhood properties needing maintenance, that are not the responsibility of the building inspector. These would typically be reports of sidewalks not being cleared of snow, accumulation of rubbish or junked vehicles, noxious weeds, overgrown lawns, and other complaints of a similar nature.


If you have any comments or questions, you may submit them to us here. We will make every attempt to reply within a few days. Submissions via this form containing inappropriate content are automatically screened.

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